When to Pick Garden Vegetables

Best Time to Pick Garden Vegetables

Q: Is there a certain time of day when you should pick garden veggies?

A: I don’t think there’s a specific time necessarily, but we do know that you should avoid picking veggies just after a rain or after the plants are wet.

The reason for this is that the plants are more susceptible to picking up diseases/germs from your fingers when they’re wet.

So, that would mean that first thing in the morning, when the plant leaves are still dewy, is not a good time to pick vegetables.

It would also mean that if you know there’s rain in the forecast and you have some ripe tomatoes, cukes and other veggies that would go nicely in your lunch or evening meal, then it’s best to get out in the garden and pick before the rain comes.

I tend to do my picking in the early afternoon. This way, I’ll know what’s going to be on the dinner menu in terms of veggie and salad sides.

But, as I mentioned, you don’t want to risk spreading fungus, viruses, etc. by going out and picking when there’s just been a rainstorm.