Organic Pest Control in Your Garden: Slugs, Snails and Potato Beetles

Simple Tips for How to Stop Slugs, Snails and Potato Beetles from Destroying Your Garden Plants (without Chemicals)

Slugs and Snails

These slimy insects travel and feed primarily at night, sometimes early morning. More rain means more slugs, and they favor eating the gorgeous, sweet lettuce that’s growing in your garden. Hunt them in the evening, armed with a box of salt. When you spot a slug, sprinkle it with a bit of salt. Be brave, it’s just a little creature.

Colorado Potato Beetles

This is a large, striped beetle that moves slowly and appears harmless. However, the Colorado potato beetle causes a great deal of damage. At time, you’ll find them on the underside of leaves – attacks potato, eggplant, tomato plants and possibly peppers. You will also find ugly larvae on the underside of leaves which will also destroy plants.  Hand-pick and destroy these.